How to deliver a better Cloud PBX


We have been working towards a cloud-based PBX (Private Branch eXchange, or in short Phone System) solution that can meet everyone’s phone system requirements. With us, we believe everyone should be using the right cloud services for their business and not be impacted by absorbent costs to setup infrastructure, to make the same solution work, by choosing a cheap more reliable and practical alternative.

In the phone PBX world, especially over the last 5-8 years, MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) has pioneered the PBX as a backend solution to deliver proper quality of service (or QoS). MPLS is backed by a SLA (Service Level Agreement) and it gives a promise of 99.9% uptime. The SLA doesn’t recover any downtime (staff productivity, access to email and internet resources, etc) that you may incur.

True fact … Since we have implemented our new SD-WAN (Software Defined – Wide Area Network) solution in December 2017, we have had an uptime of 99.7%. With our multiple NBN, Wireless and 4G services we have implemented as part of our redundancy and failover. Our SD-WAN solutions comes out at around 20% of the cost of an average MPLS solution. So why would you want to spend all that money on just an extra 0.2% uptime with no remuneration on your downtime.

So, the question is twofold … If you are looking for a PBX solution, why would you want to go MPLS? And if you are already running a PBX solution with MPLS, why not give us a chance to show you how we can save you hundreds if not thousands a month off your communications bills.

So, the question now lays, why not build your own PBX solution? Yes, with vCloud Group you can now do this. Browse on our new cloud services and PBX page and get a cost estimate on what your new PBX can cost you. I think you will be quite surprised.

The prices on the website are what we would charge most new customers. So being an existing long-standing customer with vCloud, why don’t you click on the link below to create an account on the website and we can create VIP pricing just for you.

If you would like to trial our Cloud PBX solution, we have a live demo system for you to use. We can configure a set of IP phones and software phones for you to test every scenario that your existing system provides to give you peace of mind that the solution you are choosing to move to, meets all your requirements.

You can get us on LiveChat to assist you in choosing the right PBX solution for your business.

It’s time to join the vCloud Revolution.

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