Complete Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd

We are an electric contracting company who specialise in voice, data, security, access control, and fibre networks.

I would like to thank the team at vCloud Australia for putting my company at my fingertips. vCloud put my total network in the cloud, allowing me to have access to my network anywhere in the world from my tablet, my laptop and even my mobile phone.

I can now bring up documents or diagrams and show my clients on-site from my tablet and alter them directly in front of them. I have access to my email in the cloud, emails are stored in one place and can be accessed from tablets, mobile phones and computers.

My staff can enter their time sheets directly into my system online. What vCloud has done is taken the network to the next level. I now don’t need a bigger office any more, I can now hire people and just give them access to a virtual desktop and they are on their way.

When vCloud approached me and said that you can connect on literally any platform to your network in the cloud from anywhere in the world I didn’t believe them. But they were right.

Great work vCloud Australia.

Walter Dolby
Complete Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd

The Metric Men

Thank you for all the hard work you have put into vCloud and insuring my data is backed up properly. I can now sleep at night knowing I will never have the problems I had in the past with IT issues.

It’s been about 6 months now and I have not had to stay at work until hours of the morning, re-inputting data that has been lost by a technical trick-up. vCloud has put my mind at ease.

I would also like to personally thank the staff for providing an easy transition and for explaining all of the technical information in a way I could understand.

I would recommend the products and services of vCloud to any business that values their data and information.

Thanks again.

Brett Muscat
The Metric Men

Katz Silver Lawyers

We have been using vCloud’s off-site replication service for 6 months now. We had been backing it up locally but wanted some sort of off-site backup we could rely on.

With vCloud’s off-site replication, our entire LEAP database, MYOB data, all our emails, Word and Excel data, are backed up continuously. Our backup and the replication service is fully monitored and if we had a fire or flood or someone put an axe through our server, we could have a brand new server up and running with all our software and data intact in less than a day.

We regard it as an absolutely essential insurance policy for our practice.

Peter Adams
Practice Manager
Katz Silver Lawyers


De Marco Lawyers

‘Fantastic Solution to our Security and Productivity Needs’

We have been using the cloud network system through vCloud Australia now for 15 months. Prior to moving to the cloud using vCloud Australia we had been experiencing IT issues, which was proving costly from a hardware and service perspective and with these issues came lack of productivity. Since the switch over from a standard server set up for our network to a cloud set up for our network our IT budgeting has improved and our team’s experience and productivity has been enhanced dramatically. Due to the nature of our business, data security and backup is a significant issue for us. It is reassuring to know that the security levels provided by the cloud via vCloud Australia are higher than our previous set up and that our information and data is always safe.

If ever there are any problems we have always found the vCloud Australia team to be helpful, knowledgeable and prompt in resolving any issues with very little impact and imposition on the business particularly since most issues if not all can be resolved by the vCloud Australia team offsite and remotely. In fact we have found that any issues have always been solved quickly and in a manner that has the least impact on our working day.

Moving to the cloud has enabled greater productivity, greater mobility, with greater access to our system such that staff can access the company network and company resources at any time, on any day and from any place and any internet connection without any difference in what is accessible and without any difference in performance. The cloud has made it possible for all three of our offices to have direct access to our company’s network through the cloud. Now we no longer have to rely on in-house servers, back up storage devices or network maintenance, it is all provided in the background through the cloud by vCloud Australia. Even more benefits have been that we are now saving power and space at our main office by moving all servers offsite and no longer requiring servers, UPS’s and backup storage devices onsite.

Overall an excellent service, a fantastic solution to our security and productivity needs, easy to use and extremely flexible and the team at vCloud Australia are friendly, exceptionally helpful and professional. The move to the cloud has been a worthwhile venture for our business. We would strongly recommend the cloud to anyone with concerns as to productivity and safety and we would strongly recommend the cloud network via vCloud Australia for their exceptional network solution and cloud computing support.

Joseph De Marco
De Marco Lawyers


‘The creation of the first virtual accountancy firm’

Yarra Accounting Group have been with vCloud for over 2 years. In that time we have embraced the true power of cloud computing and created a paperless, cloud accountancy firm.

This was made easier by the fact that, As our business is mainly corporate accounting and financial services, a majority of our time was spent visiting and working from our client sites, this meant that the traditional office model was un-necessary.

The office simply housed our technology…but no more!

With a network that consisted of multiple servers, on and off-site backup, ongoing maintenance to desktops and servers, vCloud came to us with a way we could simplify all that. With their new cloud network platform, over a long weekend we migrated everything into their cloud based datacentre.

In October 2015 we made a company decision to go totally virtual and part with our office. This then gave us the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime whether we were in Australia or overseas on a business trip and/or holidays.

The team at vCloud have made this transition for us seamless and I would recommend this solution to any small or large organisations. Just do it.

John Papazisis – B.Ec Grad Dip Bus(Accountancy) FIPA
Yarra Accounting Group


‘Migrating to vCloud’s Cloud Network Platform’

We have been with vCloud Australia using their cloud network platform now for 6 months. Before moving to the cloud we were using an in house server with desktop computers. 8 months ago we moved office and our internet service had been degraded because of the distance we were from the telephone exchange. We were advised that any sort of internet service was going to cost in the thousands because of the distance.

We had a discussion with the Trevor and Tony from vCloud Australia and decided that we would trial their cloud network platform as it allow us to move everything from our office (servers, workstations and network connectivity) all into the cloud. We found even with our degraded internet service, using cloud services our network was struggling.

The boys from vCloud came out and ran some tests and found, we were very limited and the only internet service that could be sufficient was a mobile broadband service over the 4G network.

After a few weeks of testing and checking the internet connection, what vCloud proposed was sufficient, we migrated our network to vCloud’s cloud network platform and haven’t looked back since.

We now have true productivity as myself and my staff aren’t limited at working from behind their desks, no more nights staying back at the office for finish off paperwork because of a trial we are working on. When I go interstate to work with clients I take my laptop and connect over my mobile phone and it’s just like sitting at my desk in my office.

vCloud have really taken what we all know as remote access and gave me direct access to my office and corporate network no matter where I am.

Thank you vCloud.

Suzanne Paolini
Aberdeen Lawyers


Mackinnon Jacobs Lawyers

We have been using vCloud Australia as our end-to-end network solution provider for just over 6 years. The staff at vCloud work very closely with our practice manager to assist with all systems and processes.

Our firm decided to undertake a major computer, accounting and document management system upgrade in 2010 and consulted vCloud for the purposes of implementing this upgrade.

It was vCloud Australia who advised us that virtualisation and cloud based solutions where the future.

With the Assistance from vCloud we have implemented two high end networks.

The first network was a hybrid network, with approx. ten remote desktop workstations and a number of physical servers and workstations. We quickly came to understand that the workstations that were virtualised outperformed the physical workstations.

It was determined to undertake a second network upgrade, which vCloud assisted us with last year, in which we virtualised our entire network using VMWare solution with VMWare vCenter for management and VMWare Horizon View for direct access to desktop infrastructure.

Our network now provides complete mobility across a number of platforms creating efficiencies for staff and our organisation.

The vCloud network has proven to be a robust and user friendly platform which was also able to accommodate an upgrading our phone system, which again vCloud Australia assisted us with through one of their business partner channels, providing complete office mobility for our staff through virtualisation.

The guidance and advice from vCloud Australia has been invaluable resource in building what is now a cutting edge computer system which has transformed our business.

We remain working with vCloud Australia due to the level of service and professionalism they have demonstrated over the last 6 years and the unique ability to find the right solution for our requirements and budget.

I have no hesitation in recommending vCloud Australia be considered for any computer system advice, implementation or service.

To provide a more detailed reference, I can be contacted (03) 9760 6108 (direct) or via email at

Richard Kent
Mackinnon Jacobs Lawyers


“A Total Cloud Solution”

We are a not for profit organisation, that is the leading host in the nations work for the dole campaign.

Early 2015 we approached vCloud with a requirement to build us a traditional in-house network that would allow us to scale our business requirement’s as we grew. At that stage we were already getting interstate interest and we had only just started our first site.

The team at vCloud advised that a traditional network would not be the recommended solution as it would be costly and difficult to maintain without internal IT staff and or expensive external managed services.

vCloud’s solution was to deploy a fully hosted cloud based solution, which allowed us to deploy new sites without the cost of high speed links and any on premise server equipment.

Trevor and Tony said the only way to scale my organisation is to fully utilise cloud technology. Cloud desktops/zero clients and a cloud based phone system.

We liked the idea, as it gave my organisation and my administration staff the ability to understand cloud technology and also the ability to work from anywhere at any time on any device.

We are now currently running across three sites with over 100 virtual desktops, my administration and supervisor staff can travel between sites and connect seamlessly to our network in the cloud. It has made my organisation run so much smoother knowing everyone has access to all network resources no matter where they are.

vCloud’s tech support team and communication are the best I have dealt with, enabling us to continually be ahead of the game with our reports and daily functions.

vCloud’s cloud network platform is one of quality and have no hesitation in promoting it across all means. They are a company that prides themselves on being at the cutting edge of cloud computing in a daily changing industry providing alternatives to all clients so their businesses and organisations are continuously streamlined at the best capability.

Adrian Sortino
A Good Support Organisation

A Good Support