Tips and tricks to your webstite(s).

website-tips-and-tricksWho has the time these days to keep track on search engines to see where your website and pages are placed and ranked. This is a very time consuming exercise initially and takes tremedous amounts of tiime and effort to get seen by search engines, let alone be found and listed.

Thanks to the cloud there are some great tools that can give better insight and analysis of your website(s) and web page ranking.

Being seen, listed and having your web pages ranked in search engines comes down to an algorithm. This is really a different topic and one we will cover in the next few blog posts. But if you would like to take more control over your website and started see some results, there are three (3) factors you need to work on right now.

  • Domain/Page Authority
    This is best described as a well structured website, page titles, content and keywords. There are additional tools (paid and free) that can help increase and analyse this, with weekly email updates.
  • Proper Backlinks
    Don’t just list in any directory or business directory, you need to find some that are relevant to your industry. Link with some of your vendors and clients, the higher page/domain authority they have, the higher you get .. it’s simple.
  • Blogging
    Blogging about what you do, about things that are happening in your industry is the best way to get people aware of what you do and that your are active in this area. We try to blog at least twice a montth and are increasing that to four times a month.

These three things can be maintain in a evening while you have your feet up watch TV or allocate two hours initially and one hours after its all setup a week to maintain your website online presence.

The online services that help you with this are great, ituitive and even we can help you set them up, to get you on your way to start maintaining your online reputation.

Lastly .. the most impotant part, don’t expect a quick fix to increasing your domain/page authority and web page ranking. We have been working towards this for between 3-6 months and are now starting to see results. It is very important to remain persistant and active in this area. It is what seach engines are looking for.

Plus we can show you some nifty tips and tricks along the way and teach you what we have learnt.

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