Total Office Freedom from vCloud Group is a specialised combination of services to ensure the continuity of your business. With the recent pandemic crisis that took the world by surprise in such a short time; it came at a time that no one and no business was prepared for it.

COVID-19 forced governments to make a decision to enforce anyone who could work remotely to do so, with no time to prepare. From this, vCloud learnt that remote access to computer networks and phone systems needs to be a part of your business continuity strategic planning, now more than ever before.

This is where leveraging the agile performance and stability of cloud computing becomes vital in streamlining your business, so it can continue to run through any sort of interruption. Whether it be a file needing to be restored, a server crash, a ransomware attack or a state of emergency crisis where everyone needs to work from home.

vCloud Group, with its invested years in cloud computing and combined services like Total Office Freedom and Business Continuity+, have a strategic plan that meets 99% of interruptions. We are here to ensure the continuity of your business, throughout any kind of business interruption, is smooth and functional


Priced from as little as $99 per virtual desktop, we can create a cloud platform based on Linux, Windows or both in a mixed hybrid network, allowing this solution to be affordable and also easier for your staff to work together and remotely.

We work directly with you to build and customise a cloud network solution for your business to ensure we meet your exact requirements.


In today’s world, your business can no longer be restricted to your office location(s). With a cloud office, we work towards moving your computer network, phone system, staff collaboration and printing all into the cloud.

Once in the cloud, it gives you and your employees the benefits of working remotely; from home, a cafe, multiple office locations or with a virtual office if you want to work completely remotely.


A central cloud network makes it so much easier to keep everything you are working on in the one central location. By putting all your company’s computer network and telecommunication resources in the cloud, allows for easier connectivity, management and productivity.

Having one central location to connect to, backup from and manage is just like the network at your office, only more efficient.


Working from anywhere is pointless if you are having to convert documents to PDF, save them to a file sharing cloud system then print to where your device is connected locally.

We have made printing seamless no matter if you are connected from a Ubuntu Linux, Microsoft Windows or mixed/hybrid platform. Just connect and wait around 30 seconds for vCloud’s Core Network to do its magic.


The vCloud Group cloud network is a very unique style of cloud computing. Built on a hybrid/private cloud infrastructure, it allows for access to information, data and the ability to collaborate on a new level for maximum proactive productivity.

Our cloud network is a complete solution that allows access to all cloud services, all in the one single place. This makes everything you need more accessible at your fingertips, with no geographical boundaries to where to connect from and gives you the freedom to connect from any device, anywhere that has a connection to the internet.

The Total Office Freedom comprises of:

  • A cloud network (virtual server(s), workstations, 1Gbit connectivity and printing)
  • A cloud based phone system with direct access to collaborate with staff and colleagues
  • A multi-site cloud WAN solution to allow for multiple internet services and fail-over
  • A security solution for all email and website traffic entering the cloud network

Combining these four services, your business will achieve a level of access, collaboration and security that most on-premises computer network find very expensive to even come close to delivering.


Imagine … having an office or multiple offices where you can access all information the same way at every location. Not having to access one system to get email, another system to access files, databases or documents, or needing to remote into another network to access a database.

The normality that we once knew (prior to March 2020) has now changed. As a business it’s important to remain at the forefront to give your staff the tools they require to continue doing their work and making money for your business.

It is estimated, anywhere between 40-60% of businesses who were not prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic suffered loses of some sort, were required to send staff home to either use their annual leave or were unfortunately laid off.

By having us implement a cloud office, you will have the following benefits:

  • Access your computer, printing and phone systems from anywhere
  • Give your staff the flexibility to work from anywhere
  • Not have to worry about purchasing expensive hardware for staff
  • Utilise software defined technology for computer networks and phone systems

Why not implement a new style of software defined technology systems? One that does not require a fixed point of access, but gives you the ability to access your business critical data from any place, on any device, no matter the location.


Business Continuity is at the forefront of our business model. We make how fast your business gets back online, our number one priority. Not to mention that we have put so many solutions in place to protect your business from any downtime.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, this area of business is a very touchy subject for most businesses, as we believe that business continuity procedures, planning and strategy needs to change going forward.

At vCloud, we are introducing Business Continuity+, a new way in thinking about business continuity.

What is Business Continuity+, it is combining the following services together:

  • vCloud’s standard business continuity solution (backup, off-site replication and verification)
    A cloud based PBX (phone system)
  • Access to vCloud’s cloud network for access to your computer network
  • A managed services solution to interconnect all the above services together
  • A managed strategy/plan to departmentally and strategically run when in a crisis

We believe business continuity is more than just your backup and how we restore your data in case of a IT disaster or malware attack. We think it should now extend to how your business will continue to operate during an interruption like what all businesses have just experienced.

With the way our business model works, our worldwide cloud platform (cloud network and phone systems) and access worldwide support staff, lets us help you build a back-end IT business model that will cover 99% of how your business can operate, not only in a pandemic, but to give your staff a flexible working environment without compromising access or productivity.


With a worldwide support team in place, we have found over the years of working with clients especially with cloud computing, not everything can be done during business hours in a timezone.

We train and work with the best engineers around the world. We are a cloud computing company with our business model stating we have no geographical boundaries. So we believe our support team should be the same.

With access to our support team 24/7 and from anywhere in the world, you will find someone pretty quickly to act promptly on your support issue.

How we are different with the way we do support? Here are our top 5 reasons:

  • If it is fixed in under 5 minutes, it’s free – not even logged
  • We are an integrated service provider, we try to limit the amount of hand balling to other teams
  • All staff speak complex I.T. in your language (simpler terminology)
  • We follow up on everything we do
  • We are focused on being at the forefront of technology

Having a dedicated support website and access to everything support in one location, means you do not need to scroll through web pages to find out how to connect with us, simply visit:

Either log a ticket, get on live chat, skype us, connect with us on social media or go the old fashioned way … pick up the phone and call us.


For every business, upgrading hardware regularly is an ongoing expense. Whether you do it in stages or all at once, it becomes an ongoing exercise for IT departments to migrate and maintain.

When moving to the cloud with vCloud Group, we migrate you to a completely new platform and a new way of accessing information. This means your existing computer network is then scaled back to become a simple network, making all your system resources, information, data, backup and security moved to one central place.

This also means you can then utilise different hardware platform and solutions and not have to worry about what your staff use to connect to your cloud network. Some devices you can use for your desktop machine are:

  • Zero/thin clients and all-in-one thin clients
  • Cheaper laptops like Chromebooks
  • Reuse existing desktops, reloaded with Linux operating systems
  • Smart devices like tablets or inverted laptops

There is no need for any servers, backup, power devices like UPS’s and cooling system to maintain the backbone of your computer network.

If you calculate the amount it costs to run and maintain this infrastructure on-site and how by moving these resources to the cloud, not only saves you money long term, but it also means maintaining and response times on a cloud network can increase productivity and support issues.


Most companies don’t realise that moving to the cloud means you can also free up space in your existing office or office locations.

With a proper cloud computing solution, you can create an office space where some of your staff will have the ability to work from home, from other office locations, within virtual offices and even board/meeting rooms. By scaling back your network to a simple peer-to-peer network and creating a hot seat environment, you can be assured that your business will still remain productive.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the world was required to send some or if not all of their staff to work from home. For the businesses that had already implemented a cloud solution, they didn’t feel the vast impact of what working from home was like. In fact, they saw it as an opportunity to change the way they ran their business and created a new business model.

Moving your office to the cloud allows your business to:

  • Have roughly 25%+ extra space for staff growth within your business
  • No need for server infrastructure especially in an multiple office environment
  • Allow staff to move around within your office and collaborate in more of a team environment
  • Give staff the ability for flexible working hours/days around children or family commitments

If you would like some more information about clients who run this kind of hot seat environment, please make an appointment by clicking here so we can discuss the best way to move your office to the cloud.




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